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Forms (Participants), Information

Participant Enrollment Packet for Retirement Plan

Enrollment information, including Forms 01, 02, 03, and 12
Filename: _2018 Participant Enrollment Packet (FILLABLE FORM) 1801.pdf
Size: 1392 KB
Forms (Churches/Employers)

Contribution Remittance Form

Form for employer to send with each remittance of Retirement Plan contribution(s) to FCMM.
Filename: Contribution Remittance Form-1803 (FILLABLE).pdf
Size: 216 KB
Forms (Participants)

01 Enrollment Application for Retirement Plan

Participant enrollment application for Retirement Plan for employee of an FCMM-participating organization. This form is also used when a participant moves to a new sponsoring employer.
Filename: 01 Enrollment_Application 1801 (FILLABLE).pdf
Size: 554 KB
Forms (Participants)

02 Beneficiary Designation for Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan participant beneficiary designation
Filename: 02 Beneficiary Designation 1803 (FILLABLE).pdf
Size: 546 KB
Forms (Participants)

03 Investment Selection for Retirement Plan

Participant Investment Selection form (including salary deferral agreement if applicable)
Filename: 03 Investment Selection Form 1801 (FILLABLE).pdf
Size: 657 KB
Forms (Participants)

04 American Funds Selection

Participant investment selection: American Funds (Option F)
Filename: 04 American Funds Selection 1705.pdf
Size: 107 KB
Forms (Participants)

04A American Funds Portfolios Supplement

Additional information detailing the makeup of American Funds Portfolios listed on Form 04 Participant Investment Selection
Filename: 04A American Funds Portfolios Supplement 1706.pdf
Size: 96 KB
Forms (Participants)

05 Vanguard Funds Selection

Participant investment selection: Vanguard Funds (Option G)
Filename: 05 Vanguard Funds Selection 1705.pdf
Size: 76 KB
Forms (Participants)

06 Christian Investors Financial Selection

Participant investment selection: Christian Investors Financial (Option H)
Filename: 06 Christian Investors Financial Selection 1510.pdf
Size: 45 KB
Forms (Participants)

07 Biblically Responsible Funds Selection

Participant Investment Selection: Biblically Responsible Funds (Option J)
Filename: 07 Biblically Responsible Funds Selection 1708.pdf
Size: 75 KB
Forms (Participants)

08 Rollover Request (into FCMM)

Request for direct rollover from a 401(k), pension plan, 457(b), or taxable IRA into your FCMM Retirement Account
Filename: 08 Rollover Request 1801 (FILLABLE).pdf
Size: 153 KB
Forms (Participants)

08T Transfer/Exchange to FCMM 403(b)

Use this form to initiate a transfer or exchange of another 403(b) account into your FCMM 403(b) account.
Filename: 08T 403(b) Transfer-Exchange Agreement 1801 (FILLABLE).pdf
Size: 183 KB
Forms (Participants)

09 Cash Withdrawal Request

Complete this form to request a full or partial cash withdrawal from your FCMM Retirement Plan Account
Filename: 09 Withdrawal Request 1801 (FILLABLE).pdf
Size: 450 KB
Forms (Participants)

09R Recurring Cash Withdrawal Request

Complete this form to request a monthly recurring withdrawal from your FCMM Retirement Plan Account
Filename: 09R Recurring Withdrawal Request 1801 (FILLABLE).pdf
Size: 387 KB
Forms (Participants)

10 Rollout Request (from FCMM)

Rollover or transfer from FCMM retirement plan account to another qualified account
Filename: 10 Rollout Request 1801 (FILLABLE).pdf
Size: 302 KB
Forms (Participants)

11 Hardship Certification

Hardship withdrawal certification
Filename: 11 Hardship Certification 1506.pdf
Size: 200 KB
Forms (Participants)

12 Third Party Disclosure Authorization

Third party disclosure authorization allows you to give permission for another party (such as spouse or financial adviser) to discuss the specifics of your account with FCMM. A separate Form 12 must be on file for each person you wish to include.
Filename: 12 Employee Third Party Disclosure 1801 (FILLABLE).pdf
Size: 496 KB
Forms (Participants)

15 Asset Transfer Election (Non-Roth)

This form can be used to transfer non-Roth funds among the Retirement Plan investment options.
Filename: 15 Asset Transfer 1801 (FILLABLE).pdf
Size: 129 KB
Forms (Participants)

16 Asset Transfer Election (Roth)

Use this form to request a transfer of your Roth funds among the Retirement Plan investment options.
Filename: 16 Asset Transfer Roth 1406.pdf
Size: 25 KB
Forms (Churches/Employers)

20 Employer Adoption Agreement for Retirement Plan

Employer Adoption Agreement - used by church or organization to adopt FCMM Retirement Plan as the employer's retirement plan, to state the manner in which contributions will be made, and to determine any unique terms.
Filename: 20 EMPLOYER Adoption Agreement 1801.pdf
Size: 311 KB
Forms (Churches/Employers), Information

21 Employer Guide

Compliance and "How to" information to help a treasurer, bookkeeper, executive pastor, or administrator understand the employer’s responsibility in regard to the FCMM Retirement Plan. Updated annually.
Filename: 21 Employer Guide 1801.pdf
Size: 257 KB
Forms, Information

23 Enrollment Procedures for Retirement Plan

Lists procedures.for enrolling in the Retirement Plan, including employer adoption and employee enrollment.
Filename: 23 Enrollment Procedures 1801.pdf
Size: 72 KB
Forms (Churches/Employers)

24 Contribution Remittance Instructions

Follow these instructions when remitting Retirement Plan contributions to FCMM.
Filename: 24 Contribution Remittance Instructions 1801-2.pdf
Size: 128 KB
Forms, Information

30 Retirement Plan Document

The complete Plan Document for the FCMM Retirement Plan [403(b)(9)], revision effective 1/1/2018. (This is the detailed Plan Document. For a summary of features for participants, see Form 38 Summary Plan Document.)
Filename: 30 FCMM Retirement Plan Document 1803.pdf
Size: 191 KB
Forms (Participants), Information

31 Investment Option Descriptions

A description of the investment fund Options available in the FCMM Retirement Plan.
Filename: 31 FCMM Fund Options Descriptions 1801.pdf
Size: 68 KB
Forms (Participants), Information

34 Retirement Plan Investment Policy

Retirement plan investment and asset allocation policy
Filename: 34_Retirement_Plan_Investment_Policy_1211.pdf
Size: 48 KB
Forms (Participants), Information

35 How to Start Receiving Retirement Plan Benefits

Quick description of how to start receiving benefits from your FCMM Retirement Plan.
Filename: 35 Starting Retirement Benefits 1610.pdf
Size: 75 KB
Forms (Participants), Information

36 Monthly Income Benefit Description

A description of the in-plan method for converting some or all of your FCMM Retirement Plan account assets into a monthly income benefit ("annuity").
Filename: 36 Monthly Income Benefit Description 1711.pdf
Size: 68 KB
Forms (Participants), Information

37 Incorporation Bylaws

Filename: 37_Incorporation___Bylaws_1301.pdf
Size: 738 KB
Forms, Information

38 Summary of Important Plan Features for Participants (Summary Plan Document)

The Summary Plan Document for participants in the FCMM Retirement Plan, Form 38. (For the detailed Plan Document, see Form 30 Retirement Plan Document.)
Filename: 38 FCMM Summary Retirement Plan Document 1803.pdf
Size: 148 KB
Forms (Participants), Information, Reports

40 Performance Report for 2017

Information about strategy and performance of FCMM funds for the year 2017
Filename: 40 12312017 Performance Report 1804.pdf
Size: 103 KB
Forms (Participants), Information, Reports

40 Performance Report 2016

Information about strategy and performance of FCMM funds for the year 2016
Filename: 40 12312016 Performance Report 1704.pdf
Size: 50 KB
Forms (Participants), Information, Reports

40 Performance Report 2015

Information about strategy and performance of FCMM funds for the year 2015
Filename: 40 12312015 Performance Report 1605.pdf
Size: 50 KB
Forms (Participants), Information, Reports

40 Performance Report 2014

Information about strategy and performance of FCMM funds for the year 2014
Filename: 40 12312014 Performance Report 1502.pdf
Size: 39 KB
Forms (Participants), Information, Reports

41 Fees for 2018

FCMM Retirement Plan information on fees in the Plan for 2018
Filename: 41 Fees for 2018 1804.pdf
Size: 49 KB
Forms (Participants), Information

42 Special Tax Notice for Distributions

Explains special tax rules on distributions.
Filename: 42 Special Tax Notice for Distributions 1604.pdf
Size: 148 KB
Information, Reports

Financial Statement for 2016 - Auditor's Report

Final audited Financial Statement for 2016
Filename: FCMM 2016 FS Final.pdf
Size: 153 KB
Information, Reports

Financial Statement for 2015 - Auditor's Report

Final audited Financial Statement for 2015
Filename: FCMM 2015 FS Final.pdf
Size: 154 KB
Information, Reports

Financial Statement for 2014 - Auditor's Report

Final audited Financial Statement for 2014
Filename: FCMM 2014 Audited Financial Statement.pdf
Size: 182 KB
Information, Reports

Financial Statement for 2013 - Auditor's Report

Final audited Financial Statement for 2013
Filename: FCMM 2013 Audited Financial Statement.pdf
Size: 380 KB
Information, Reports

Financial Statement for 2012 - Auditor's Report

Final audited Financial Statement for 2012
Filename: FCMM 2012 Audited Financial Statement.pdf
Size: 369 KB
Information, Reports

Financial Statement for 2011 - Auditor's Report

Final audited Financial Statement for 2011
Filename: FCMM 2011 Audited Financial Statement.pdf
Size: 306 KB
Information, Reports

Financial Statement for 2010 - Auditor's Report

Final audited Financial Statement for 2010
Filename: FCMM 2010 Audited Financial Statement.pdf
Size: 255 KB
Forms (Participants)

101 Long Term Disability Enrollment

Long Term Disability Enrollment Form & Packet for employee completion
Filename: 101 FCMM LTD Enrollment Packet Fillable-012018.pdf
Size: 750 KB
Forms (Participants)

102 LTD Beneficiary Designation Form - Term Life & AD&D

Long Term Disability Insurance Participants: use this form to update beneficiary for your Term Life and AD&D coverage. (For initial enrollment, this form is included in Form 101 Enrollment Packet.)
Filename: 102 FCMM Beneficiary Designation for Life Ins 201406.pdf
Size: 98 KB
Forms (Participants)

103 LTD Salary Worksheet & Information Change

Form to Update Salary for Long Term Disability Insurance. (For initial enrollment, this worksheet is included in Form 101 Enrollment Packet.)
Filename: 103 FCMM LTD Salary worksheet 201503.pdf
Size: 40 KB
Forms (Churches/Employers), Information

120 Long Term Disability Employer Information

Group long term disability insurance plan Church Board Packet with resolution and adoption information. Each employee completes Form 101 Enrollment Packet.
Filename: 120 FCMM LTD Church Board 012018.pdf
Size: 48 KB
Forms (Churches/Employers), Information

138 LTD Coverage Overview

Summary of Long Term Disability and Term Life & AD&D Insurance Plan Coverage
Filename: 138 Coverage Overview LTD and Life 201801.pdf
Size: 50 KB
Forms, Brochures

FCMM Retirement Plan Brochure

Advantages | How Contributions Work | Multiple Investment Options | Contribution Limits | Forms of Distributions | Contact Information
Filename: 20180101_FCMMBrochure_RetirementPlan (web).pdf
Size: 287 KB
Forms, Brochures

FCMM Long Term Disability Plan Brochure

Benefits | Features | Cost | Benefit or Payroll Deduction?
Filename: 20180101 FCMMBrochure_LTDPlan (web).pdf
Size: 302 KB
Forms (Churches/Employers), Brochures

FCMM Payroll Service Brochure

Payroll Processing | Human Resources Solutions | LTD and Term Life Insurance | Bundled Benefits | Cost
Filename: 20180101_FCMMBrochure_PayrollServices (web).pdf
Size: 262 KB
Forms, Brochures

FCMM Group Health Insurance Brochure

Group Health Insurance in Partnership with GuideStone | Small Group: 2-4 Participants | Mid-Size Group: 5+ Participants | Larger Group: 10+ Participants | Limited Access to Personal Plans | How to Get Started
Filename: 20160322 FCMM Healthcare Brochure (web).pdf
Size: 156 KB
Forms, Brochures

FCMM Long Term Care Insurance Brochure

What is long term care (LTC)? | Will I need LTC? | Incentives for Planning Ahead | Next Steps
Filename: 20170602_FCMMBrochure_LongTermCareInsurance (web).pdf
Size: 261 KB
Information, Newsletter

Spring 2018 "News & Notes" Newsletter

News & Notes newsletter for Spring 2018: Secure File Exchange | Explanation of EmployER and EmployEE Contributions to Retirement Plan | When the Church Brings on a New Treasurer/Administrator
Information, Newsletter

Winter 2017-2018 "News & Notes" Newsletter

News & Notes newsletter for Winter 2017-2018: Increase in Option C | GuideStone Health Insurance Personal Plans | Housing Allowance Court Case | 2018 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits | New Forms
Filename: 2017-2018 Winter Newsletter (WEB).pdf
Size: 304 KB
Information, Newsletter

Fall 2017 "News & Notes" Newsletter

News & Notes newsletter for Fall 2017: New President | Ric Stanghelle
Filename: 2017 Fall Newsletter (web).pdf
Size: 317 KB
Information, Newsletter

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Long Term Care Insurance | QSEHRA for Medical Benefits | Downloadable Statements
Filename: 2017 Summer Newsletter (WEB).pdf
Size: 305 KB
Information, Newsletter

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Entire issue covers IRS Required Minimum Distribution rules for retirement accounts after age 70 1/2.
Filename: 2017 Spring Newsletter (web).pdf
Size: 319 KB
Information, Newsletter

Feb-Mar 2017 Special Edition Newsletter

Ross Morrison Announces Retirement | FCMM Board Forms Search Team
Filename: Feb-Mar 2017 Newsletter (Web).pdf
Size: 284 KB
Information, Newsletter

Winter 2016-2017 Newsletter

Retirement Distribution Options | Timely Updates
Filename: 2016-2017 Winter Newsletter (web).pdf
Size: 339 KB
Information, Newsletter

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Legacy Pension Plan ("Option A") To Be Merged into Retirement Plan | Added In-Plan Retirement Benefit Available: Annuity by Thrivent | FAQs
Filename: 2016 Fall Newsletter (Web).pdf
Size: 554 KB
Information, Newsletter

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Understanding Option C: The Steady Approach | Online System Migration | 2017 dates for the Theology Conference | Reminder: Keep Third Party Disclosure Authorization Updated | FAQ: Property & Liability Insurer Asking for Retirement Plan Balance
Filename: 2016 Summer NL PRINT.pdf
Size: 948 KB
Information, Newsletter

Spring 2016 Newsletter

FCMM Now Accredited by ECFA | What Should I Be Contributing Toward Retirement? | Announcing Staff Addition for Advising | Reminder: Forms to Keep Up-To-Date | Q&A: How to Switch Church's Retirement Plan to FCMM; Opting Out of Social Security?
Filename: 2016 Spring NL (web).pdf
Size: 341 KB

Winter 2015-2016 Newsletter

Payroll Service Has Seen Steady Growth | Tax Booklets Available for Download | Expedited "Micro-group" Health Insurance Quotes | Employer Reporting Requirements for ACA Begin This Year | Q&A: Monthly Distributions, 1099R Form, Why Single Retirement Plan Is Necessary
Filename: 2016 Winter NL (Web).pdf
Size: 254 KB

Fall 2015 Newsletter

How Can Retirement Investments Benefit Churches? | Retirement Plan adds GuideStone Mutual Funds | Opportunities at the 2016 EFCA Theology Conference | 2016 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits Unchanged
Filename: 2015 Fall NL (Web).pdf
Size: 291 KB

Summer 2015 Newsletter

FCMM Partners with GuideStone for Group Health Insurance Access | Healthcare Reimbursement Relief Ended on June 30 | FAQs: Social Security Claiming; Retirement Housing Allowance; How often are Retirement Plan account values updated?
Filename: 2015 Summer NL (web).pdf
Size: 300 KB

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Key Terms to Know for Employment and Benefits | Current Updates on ACA on FCMM Website | Visit FCMM at EFCAOne | FAQs: How do I update my contact information? | FAQs: How do I start looking at my account online?
Filename: FCMM_Newsletter_Spring_2015_(web).pdf
Size: 327 KB

Winter 2014-2015 Newsletter

Payroll Service Pricing Revised | 2015 Retirement Contribution Limits | Steps to Drawing Retirement Benefits | Retirement Annuity Options
Filename: 2015 Winter NL (web).pdf
Size: 280 KB

Fall 2014 Newsletter

News & Notes Fall 2014 | Introducing FCMM Payroll Service | FCMM Announces Change to Pension Plan | Visit FCMM at the Theology Conference | Meet the Team:Karen Giles & John Herman | W2 Reporting for Healthcare Premiums
Filename: 2014FallNewsletter_web.pdf
Size: 258 KB

Summer 2014 Newsletter

Employer Adoption Agreement is Essential | Another Option for Providing LTD Plan | Meet the Team: Tiffany Yang & Wendell Herman | Have You Become Housing Allowance Eligible? | Individual Healthcare Premiums Paid by Employer Are Taxable | New Payroll Service Coming
Filename: FCMM_Summer2014Newsletter_sm.pdf
Size: 237 KB

Spring 2014 Newsletter

Understanding the Strategy & Benefits of Option C | New Health Insurance Planning Resource for Churches | Meet the Team: Valessa Caspers | Frequently Asked Questions: Death Benefits & Contact Information
Filename: Spring 2014 Newsletter.pdf
Size: 541 KB

Winter 2013-2014 Newsletter

ALERT: Individual Health Insurance Loses Tax Benefit; 2014 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits; FCMM Long Term Disability: The Value of Setting Up a Salary Continuation Plan; Future of Clergy Housing Allowance Challenged Again
Filename: FCMM Winter 2014 Newsletter.pdf
Size: 225 KB

Fall 2013 Newsletter

FCMM LTD Plan to Add Life Insurance Benefit, Like FCMM on Facebook, FCMM Planning Resources at Theology Conference, Meet the Team
Filename: Fall 2013 Newsletter sm.pdf
Size: 294 KB

Summer 2013 Newsletter

Estimating FCMM Retirement Income, New Website, New Investment Option, LTD Insurance, Meet the Team, Mission Statement, Professional Retirement Investment Counsel at No Charge
Filename: Summer 2013 Newsletter Small.pdf
Size: 263 KB

Spring 2013 Newsletter

FCMM Adds Long Term Disability Insurance, New Investment Option Coming, Visit Us at EFCA One, Meet the Team
Filename: spring_2013_newsletter.pdf
Size: 824 KB

Winter 2012-2013 Newsletter

FCMM Retirement Plan Options Updated, 2013 Contribution Limits, Benefits Resources, Participant Account Web Access Change, Meet the Team
Filename: 2013_fcmm_news_notes_winter_sm.pdf
Size: 137 KB

Fall 2012 Newsletter

Your Dollars Do Not Expire When You Die: FCMM Accounts Include Beneficiary Benefit, The Housing Allowance Benefit in Retirement, Retirement Savings Goal Advised, Meet the Team, EFCA Theology Conference
Filename: 2012_fcmm_news_notes_fall_0.pdf
Size: 135 KB

Summer 2012 Newsletter

Investing Is Like Auto Repair?...sorta, FCMM Highlights, Meet The Team, New Salary Deferral Option, FCMM To Incorporate
Filename: 2012_fcmm_news_notes_summer_08162012.pdf
Size: 1234 KB

Spring 2012 Newsletter

A Short History of FCMM, How to Change Your Investment Allocations, Comparing Fund Performance, Meet the Team, Performance & Fees
Filename: 042012_fcmm_news_notes_spring.pdf
Size: 147 KB

Winter 2011-2012 Newsletter

Investment Options & Strategy, 2012 Contribution Limits, How We Can Help, Questions About FCMM?, Welcome to the Team
Filename: 012012_fcmm_news_notes.pdf
Size: 206 KB