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  1. Forms (Participants), Information, Reports

    41 Retirement Plan Fees for 2023

    FCMM Retirement Plan information on fees in the Plan, applicable to 2023
    Filename: 41 Retirement Plan Fees for 2023 2301.pdf
    Size: 183 KB
  2. Information, Newsletter

    Fall 2022 "News & Notes" Newsletter

    Fall 2022 Issue of "News & Notes": Bless Your Pastor | Benefit Plan Open Enrollment | MinistryWorks Payroll Service | GuideStone Group Health Insurance
    Filename: 2022 Fall Newsletter (web).pdf
    Size: 329 KB
  3. Forms (Participants), Information

    150 2023 Benefit Plan Employee Welcome Packet

    Contains helpful resources for newly enrolled employees in the Benefit Plan. The welcome packet contains information regarding coverage highlights, premium rates, and frequently asked questions.
    Filename: 150-Benefit Plan Employee Welcome Packet - 2023.pdf
    Size: 1501 KB
  4. Forms (Participants), Information

    138 2023 Benefit Plan Coverage Overview

    Summary of Benefit Plan coverage for Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, and Life with Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.
    Filename: 138-Benefit Plan Coverage Overview - 2023.pdf
    Size: 250 KB
  5. Forms (Churches/Employers), Information

    121 2023 Benefit Plan Employer Guide

    Contains helpful resources for whomever is administering the Benefit Plan at an organization. The guide contains information regarding coverage highlights, form descriptions, how to complete the Employer Benefit Agreement, premium amounts, payment method descriptions, paying invoice online, and frequently asked questions.
    Filename: 121-Benefit Plan Employer Guide - 2023.pdf
    Size: 1186 KB
  6. Forms (Churches/Employers), Information

    120 2023 Benefit Plan Employer Agreement

    New employers to the Benefit Plan must complete this form upon initially entering the plan. Current employers can only updated benefits and coverage during the annual open enrollment period by completing this form. The form details two benefit plan options, employee eligibility, payment methods, and Life/AD&D coverage amounts.
    Filename: 120-Benefit Plan Employer Benefit Agreement FILLABLE - 2023.pdf
    Size: 383 KB
  7. Information

    Summary of State Auto-IRA Exemptions & Reporting Requirements

    A compilation of current state programs requiring employers to offer retirement programs, as of June 2022.
    Filename: State Auto-IRA Programs - Exemption & Reporting Summary - 20220805.pdf
    Size: 202 KB
  8. Information, Newsletter

    Summer 2022 "News & Notes" Newsletter

    Summer 2022 Issue of "News & Notes": New Options for Benefit Plan | Portfolio Diversification | Diversification Within FCMM Retirement Plan
    Filename: 2022 Summer Newsletter (web).pdf
    Size: 1099 KB
  9. Information, Reports

    Financial Statement for 2021 - Auditor's Report

    Final audited Financial Statement for 2021
    Filename: FCMM 2021 FS Final Audit.pdf
    Size: 302 KB
  10. Information, Newsletter

    Spring 2022 "News & Notes" Newsletter

    Spring 2022 Issue of "News & Notes": Morally Responsible Investing | Payroll Service Phase Out | Increasing Employee Contributions
    Filename: 2022 Spring Newsletter (web).pdf
    Size: 342 KB
  11. Forms (Participants), Information, Reports

    40 Performance Report for the Year 2021

    Information about portfolios and performance for FCMM Managed Funds for 2021.
    Filename: 40 12312021 Performance Report 2202.pdf
    Size: 249 KB
  12. Information, Newsletter

    Winter 2021-2022 "News & Notes" Newsletter

    Winter 2021-2022 Issue of "News & Notes": Rollouts | Rates & Fees | 2022 Contribution Limits
    Filename: 2021-2022 Winter Newsletter (web).pdf
    Size: 272 KB