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Information , Newsletter

pdf Summer 2021 "News & Notes" Newsletter

Summer 2021 Issue of "News & Notes": Forms of Retirement Distributions | Review Your Retirement Plan Administration | Reporting Changes to Personal Information | Benefit Plan Open Enrollment Coming in October
Filename: 2021 Summer Newsletter (web).pdf
Size: 442 KB
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pdf Financial Statement for 2020 - Auditor's Report

Final audited Financial Statement for 2020
Filename: FCMM FS 2020 Final.pdf
Size: 371 KB

pdf The First Year: How to Structure Pay Package / Clergy Tax - slides

PDF file of full-page color slides for online workshop on Clergy Pay Package and Becoming (Clergy) Tax Savvy
Filename: FirstYear-StructurePay-ClergyTax-20210201.pdf
Size: 7800 KB
Information , Newsletter

pdf Spring 2021 "News & Notes" Newsletter

Spring 2021 Issue of "News & Notes": Required Minimum Distributions - Update 2021 | Qualified Birth or Adoption Distributions | Lifetime Fund Developments
Filename: 2021 Spring Newsletter (web)_0.pdf
Size: 311 KB
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pdf 40 Performance Report for the Year 2020

Information about portfolios and performance for FCMM Managed Funds for 2020.
Filename: 40 12312019 Performance Report 2003_0.pdf
Size: 246 KB
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pdf 50 FCMM Retirement Plan Member Welcome Packet

Upon enrollment in the FCMM Retirement Plan, a new Member receives this Welcome Packet with important information.
Filename: 50 FCMM Member Welcome Packet 2302.pdf
Size: 1962 KB
Information , Newsletter

pdf Winter 2020-2021 "News & Notes" Newsletter

Winter 2020-2021 Issue of "News & Notes": 50 Years Serving Ministers, Missionaries, and Church Staff | History of FCMM | Rates and Fees for 2021
Filename: 2020-2021 Winter Newsletter - (WEB).pdf
Size: 313 KB
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pdf 34 Retirement Plan Investment Policy

Retirement plan investment and asset allocation policy for FCMM-managed funds, including moral screening.
Filename: 34 Retirement Plan Investment Policy 2101_0.pdf
Size: 253 KB
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pdf 41 Retirement Plan Fees for 2021

FCMM Retirement Plan information on fees in the Plan, applicable to 2021
Filename: 41 Retirement Plan Fees for 2021 2101_0.pdf
Size: 181 KB
Information , Newsletter

pdf Fall 2020 "News & Notes" Newsletter

Fall 2020 Issue of "News & Notes": Benefit Plan Open Enrollment | 1099-R Tax Forms | Form W-2
Filename: 2020 Fall Newsletter (web).pdf
Size: 329 KB
Information , Newsletter

pdf Summer 2020 "News & Notes" Newsletter

Summer 2020 Issue of "News & Notes": Matching Grant Still Available | Enrollment Windows for Retirement Plan and Benefit Plan | Reminders for Changes to Personal Information and Updates for Beneficiaries
Filename: 2020 Summer Newsletter_WEB.pdf
Size: 440 KB
Information , Reports

pdf Financial Statement for 2019 - Auditor's Report

Final audited Financial Statement for 2019
Filename: FCMM FS 2019 Final.pdf
Size: 140 KB