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  1. Information, Newsletter

    Summer 2020 "News & Notes" Newsletter

    Summer 2020 Issue of "News & Notes": Matching Grant Still Available | Enrollment Windows for Retirement Plan and Benefit Plan | Reminders for Changes to Personal Information and Updates for Beneficiaries
    Filename: 2020 Summer Newsletter_WEB.pdf
    Size: 440 KB
  2. Information, Reports

    Financial Statement for 2019 - Auditor's Report

    Final audited Financial Statement for 2019
    Filename: FCMM FS 2019 Final.pdf
    Size: 140 KB
  3. Information, Newsletter

    Spring 2020 "News & Notes" Newsletter

    Spring 2020 Issue of "News & Notes": Managing Financial Life After Opting Out of SS | Option C Rate Adjusted | FCMM Operation During COVID-19
    Filename: 2020 Spring Newsletter (web).pdf
    Size: 335 KB
  4. Forms (Participants), Information, Reports

    40 Performance Report for the year 2019

    Information about portfolios and performance for FCMM Managed Funds for 2019
    Filename: 40 12312019 Performance Report 2003.pdf
    Size: 246 KB
  5. Information, Newsletter

    Winter 2019-2020 "News & Notes" Newsletter

    Winter 2019-2020 Issue of "News & Notes": Considering Opting Out of SS: Critical Issues | Option C Rate for 2020 | Change in Required Minimum Distributions Start Date
    Filename: 2019-2020 Winter Newsletter (web).pdf
    Size: 453 KB
  6. Information

    Church Reporting Made Easy - 2020 Edition

    This 2020 tax booklet for church reporting is based on the full-size "The Zondervan 2020 Church and Nonprofit Tax & Financial Guide". Provided courtesy of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and FCMM.
    Filename: 2020-Church-Reporting-Made-Easy-ECFA-FCMM.pdf
    Size: 6886 KB
  7. Information

    Ministers' Taxes Made Easy - 2020 (for 2019 Returns)

    This 2020 tax booklet for clergy is based on the full-size "The Zondervan 2020 Minister's Tax & Financial Guide". Provided courtesy of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and FCMM.
    Filename: 2020-Ministers-Taxes-Made-Easy-ECFA-FCMM.pdf
    Size: 6975 KB
  8. Forms (Participants), Information, Reports

    41 Retirement Plan Fees for 2020

    FCMM Retirement Plan information on fees in the Plan, applicable to 2020
    Filename: 41 Retirement Plan Fees for 2020 2001.pdf
    Size: 181 KB
  9. Forms (Churches/Employers), Information

    238P Overview for Payroll Service with Enhanced Benefits

    Overview and summary for FCMM Payroll Service including Benefit Plan (LTD & Life/AD&D Insurance)
    Filename: 238P FCMM Payroll Coverage Overview 2020.pdf
    Size: 1115 KB
  10. Forms (Churches/Employers), Information

    121 Benefit Plan Employer Guide (LTD & Life/AD&D Insurance)

    Contains helpful resources for a treasurer, bookkeeper, executive pastor, or administrator to understand the Benefit Plan (LTD & Life/AD&D Insurance), and the employer’s responsibility. This guide contains information regarding coverage, form descriptions, completing the Employer Benefit Agreement, employee enrollments, premium costs and payment methods, and more.
    Filename: 121 - Benefit Plan Employer Guide - 2101.pdf
    Size: 3693 KB
  11. Information, Newsletter

    Fall 2019 "News & Notes" Newsletter

    LTD: New Option and Improvements | New "ICHRA" Arrangement | Ministers' Pay Essentials
    Filename: 2019 Fall Newsletter (web).pdf
    Size: 422 KB
  12. Forms (Churches/Employers), Information

    ICHRA Individual Coverage HRA Summary and Checklist

    Information and policy checklist for a church employer considering implementing an ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement) for reimbursing individual health insurance premiums tax-free.
    Filename: ICHRA-Summary-Checklist-Policy-201909.pdf
    Size: 183 KB