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    Spring 2016 Newsletter

    FCMM Now Accredited by ECFA | What Should I Be Contributing Toward Retirement? | Announcing Staff Addition for Advising | Reminder: Forms to Keep Up-To-Date | Q&A: How to Switch Church's Retirement Plan to FCMM; Opting Out of Social Security?
    Filename: 2016 Spring NL (web).pdf
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    Winter 2015-2016 Newsletter

    Payroll Service Has Seen Steady Growth | Tax Booklets Available for Download | Expedited "Micro-group" Health Insurance Quotes | Employer Reporting Requirements for ACA Begin This Year | Q&A: Monthly Distributions, 1099R Form, Why Single Retirement Plan Is Necessary
    Filename: 2016 Winter NL (Web).pdf
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    Fall 2015 Newsletter

    How Can Retirement Investments Benefit Churches? | Retirement Plan adds GuideStone Mutual Funds | Opportunities at the 2016 EFCA Theology Conference | 2016 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits Unchanged
    Filename: 2015 Fall NL (Web).pdf
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    Summer 2015 Newsletter

    FCMM Partners with GuideStone for Group Health Insurance Access | Healthcare Reimbursement Relief Ended on June 30 | FAQs: Social Security Claiming; Retirement Housing Allowance; How often are Retirement Plan account values updated?
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    Spring 2015 Newsletter

    Key Terms to Know for Employment and Benefits | Current Updates on ACA on FCMM Website | Visit FCMM at EFCAOne | FAQs: How do I update my contact information? | FAQs: How do I start looking at my account online?
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    Winter 2014-2015 Newsletter

    Payroll Service Pricing Revised | 2015 Retirement Contribution Limits | Steps to Drawing Retirement Benefits | Retirement Annuity Options
    Filename: 2015 Winter NL (web).pdf
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    Fall 2014 Newsletter

    News & Notes Fall 2014 | Introducing FCMM Payroll Service | FCMM Announces Change to Pension Plan | Visit FCMM at the Theology Conference | Meet the Team:Karen Giles & John Herman | W2 Reporting for Healthcare Premiums
    Filename: 2014FallNewsletter_web.pdf
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    Summer 2014 Newsletter

    Employer Adoption Agreement is Essential | Another Option for Providing LTD Plan | Meet the Team: Tiffany Yang & Wendell Herman | Have You Become Housing Allowance Eligible? | Individual Healthcare Premiums Paid by Employer Are Taxable | New Payroll Service Coming
    Filename: FCMM_Summer2014Newsletter_sm.pdf
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    Spring 2014 Newsletter

    Understanding the Strategy & Benefits of Option C | New Health Insurance Planning Resource for Churches | Meet the Team: Valessa Caspers | Frequently Asked Questions: Death Benefits & Contact Information
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    Winter 2013-2014 Newsletter

    ALERT: Individual Health Insurance Loses Tax Benefit; 2014 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits; FCMM Long Term Disability: The Value of Setting Up a Salary Continuation Plan; Future of Clergy Housing Allowance Challenged Again
    Filename: FCMM Winter 2014 Newsletter.pdf
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    Fall 2013 Newsletter

    FCMM LTD Plan to Add Life Insurance Benefit, Like FCMM on Facebook, FCMM Planning Resources at Theology Conference, Meet the Team
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    Summer 2013 Newsletter

    Estimating FCMM Retirement Income, New Website, New Investment Option, LTD Insurance, Meet the Team, Mission Statement, Professional Retirement Investment Counsel at No Charge
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