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FCMM President Enters Last Year

Date: February 19, 2017
After 15 years leading FCMM, and 9 years' previous service as a Trustee, Ross Morrison enters transition year.

As I approach my 71st birthday, I remember August 16, 1994, when I attended my first FCMM Trustee meeting. It is with bittersweet emotions I enter my last year working with FCMM. It is time to retire. My last day will be February 15, 2018, after 24 years of service as a board member and on staff. The last 15 years working for FCMM have been fulfilling and challenging. The retirement plan was started and has grown to over 200 million dollars, but far more important we have been able to minister to over 3,000 EFCA individuals. We, also, have developed a group of benefits and professional help and guidance for EFCA churches.  I have served with wonderful people and have a great caring group of brothers and sisters working with me on the staff of FCMM. They will be greatly missed. It has been my great pleasure to use gifts that I thought I had put behind me when I entered the pastorate in helping many to be able to serve Christ throughout their lives. This next year will see several important projects completed and a new president hired as FCMM continues to serve the EFCA. Looking forward to seeing many of you along the way to glory.

In Christ,

Ross I. Morrison, Jr.