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FCMM Retirement Accounting System Upgrade Will Delay Some Fund Investments

Date: September 7, 2017
Additions to funds in Options F, G, H, and J will be transacted after a system upgrade in last half of October and early November 2017

Due to a major and necessary FCMM accounting system upgrade, there will be delays for transactions in the last half of October and early November.

Retirement contributions received in FCMM’s office after October 17 will not be posted before November 6. New requests for distributions will not be transacted during this period.

New funds received for Options C, D, and E will receive earnings from the date received. However, investments in mutual funds (Options F, G, and J) and Christian Investors Financial (Option H) cannot be transacted until the upgrade period has ended.

Please email us at, or call (800) 995-5357, if you have questions. Thank you for your patience as we update and improve our system: prepare today, ready tomorrow®.