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How to Change Your Investment Allocations

Date: May 16, 2013

A retirement investment strategy is generally based on long-term planning. As the years go by and life situations change, it is often wise to review your retirement investments and to seek professional financial counsel in the process. If you don’t have that kind of counsel readily available to you locally, the FCMM plan offers a resource to all participants through our partners at the Alliance Benefit Group. Feel free to contact our office for this information.

When a participant is ready to make a reallocation of future contributions, two forms are available. When completed, these forms can be emailed, faxed or mailed to our office.

Form 01A – Reallocation of Employer Contributions: Change your allocations for all future employer contributions using this form. (This form is also used to report a different employer if a an FCMM account holder moves to another church or organization that participates in FCMM Retirement Plan.)

Form 03 – Salary Deferral Agreement: This form can be used to make changes for any future employee contributions.

Mutual Funds: If you are investing your FCMM account in American Funds (Option F), Vanguard funds (Option G) or Biblically Responsible (Option J) funds, you can make changes to the individual mutual funds and portfolio selections anytime at