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Increase in Option C Earnings and Name Changes for Options C, D, and E

Authored by: Jerry Rich
Date: November 13, 2017
Option C Lifetime Fund is unique in offering long-term strategy and "do it for me" simplicity.

The FCMM Board of Trustees has authorized an increase in earnings for Option C participants to 4% starting January 1, 2018.

Option C is a collective investment fund that aims to provide steady long-term earnings to the participant. The name has also been updated to FCMM Lifetime Fund to better reflect its long-term character and strategy. For more information and details, see Understanding Option C: The Steady Approach. An added change now allows transfer of funds from Option C to another Option prior to age 59 ½ upon request.

Since inception in 2004, Option C has returned between 3% and 6% each year and is fully funded.

Two other FCMM-managed funds have also been given updated names: Option D: FCMM Managed Stock Fund and Option E: FCMM Managed Bond/Income Fund. Both of these funds directly reflect market gains and losses monthly.

For more complete descriptions of these and other Options, see Retirement Plan Investment Options.