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New Investment Option Practices Moral Screening

Date: April 24, 2013

While the FCMM trustee-managed funds (Options C, D, E) have always practiced moral screening to minimize investment in businesses that contribute to the moral decline of society, the individually-directed options F (American Funds) and G (Vanguard Funds) are not subject to such screening. For the FCMM participant who wants to self-direct investments in mutual funds, we are pleased to announce the addition of Option J (Timothy Plan).

A highly respected pioneer and leader in the Biblically-Responsible Investing (BRI) arena, the Timothy Plan family of funds is now available as another option.

The Timothy Plan includes 9 funds that represent the major asset classes for a diversified portfolio, including Small Cap Value, Large/Mid Cap Value, Large/Mid Cap Growth, Aggressive Growth, Fixed Income, High Yield Bond, International, Emerging Markets, Defensive Strategies, Strategic Growth, and Conservative Growth. In addition, an Israel Common Values fund focuses on companies domiciled in Israel that are thought to have both revenue and growth potential.

The major factors incorporated into the investment screening are abortion, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, casino gambling, anti-family entertainment, and alternative lifestyles. Learn more about Timothy Plan funds.