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Online System Migration Planned for Retirement Accounts - now scheduled for September 2016

Date: June 9, 2016
Login credentials will remain the same but will be reset at first login in new system.

Since 2008, FCMM has used the services of Alliance Benefit Group (ABG) to provide our members with access to mutual funds and to offer a secure online platform for viewing account values. This year, Alerus Financial has acquired ABG and will soon be migrating records to Alerus systems.

There will be no change to your retirement plan investment options, including FCMM’s managed funds (Options C, D, and E), the legacy Pension Plan (Option A), four mutual fund families (Options F [American], G [Vanguard], and J [Timothy Plan and GuideStone]), Christian Investors Financial (Option H).

We have been advised by Alerus has mailed notices to all FCMM participants (one notice per Option in which you’re invested) announcing the acquisition and alerting you to a system cutover timeframe in July 2016. This will be accompanied by a four-day “blackout” period during which investment changes may not be executed. UPDATE: Alerus has notified FCMM the migration has been delayed to September 7-13.

Your system login information will remain the same, although you’ll be prompted to reset your access credentials upon first login.

While the “look and feel” of the accountholder website will change, we believe the new system will provide an even better user experience for you to monitor and/or manage your FCMM Retirement Plan account.

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