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"So How Much Will I Get?": Estimating FCMM Retirement Income

Authored by: Rev. Bud Smith, Director of Marketing and Customer Service
Date: July 17, 2013
We continue to encourage participants to request an estimate report as needed for your planning.

Long-time FCMM participants may recall that an estimate of monthly retirement income was included in quarterly statements. As FCMM expanded options and features, we moved to “on request” calculations that more accurately tuned the estimates to individual circumstances.

We continue to encourage participants to request an estimate report as needed for your planning. FCMM will prepare an individualized estimate for you based on current balances and anticipated additional contributions. We’re also working to re-introduce basic retirement income estimates through our participants’ online account access. We will announce this feature when it is ready.

Any combination of the current fund options may be annuitized to provide retirement income. However, the Conservative Growth with Annuity Benefit Fund (Option C) is specifically designed for stable value and annuity income. Therefore, for Option C, the alternative of lump sum distribution of account value (rather than annuity income) must be subject to a fair market value adjustment based on cumulative market performance.

To make a request for future annuity estimates, send an email to with the following information:
    1.  A starting date(s) or age(s) at which you are thinking of beginning a retirement annuity. The IRS requires a start date after age 59 ½ and before age 70 ½ (unless you continue in full-time employment beyond 70 ½).
     2.  Any future contribution amounts you would like figured into the estimate.

FCMM staff will work up your estimate(s) send them to you within a few days. We’ll explain the variables that may affect the final numbers.

For more information about the five present annuity options, see Annuity Description (Form 36) at the FCMM website.

We also encourage all participants to periodically review your current account values and re-visit your investment strategy for remaining years of employment. Professional financial counsel can be helpful in determining adjustments to future investment allocations. If you decide to make changes, use Form 01A to reallocate future employer contributions and/or use Form 03 to reallocate future employee (salary deferral) contributions. All forms are available at

Questions? Contact the FCMM office at (800)995-5357 or