Payroll Service

FCMM Benefits and Retirement offers a Payroll processing service which is bundled with the FCMM Benefit Plan (Long Term Disability and Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment) benefit. We offer a cost-effective service that enables a church of any size to administer worry-free payroll and tax reporting through a provider that understands church staff compensation and benefits.

Payroll Processing

FCMM Payroll Service includes: 

  • Payroll Processing
  • All Requisite Tax Filing (Federal and State)
  • Employee Direct Deposit
  • Issuing W-2s
  • Custom Reporting
  • Integration with FCMM Benefits administration

Simplified Benefits Payment

Withholding and payment of elective deferrals and employer contributions to FCMM Retirement Plan can be readily administered through the Payroll Service, eliminating separate payments to FCMM. Salary reporting and premium payment is automatic for the Benefit Plan.

Cost Effective

The fees for the FCMM Payroll Service are billed at a single rate that include the Benefit Plan's Long Term Disability premiums. This rate is based on size of payroll as shown in the following chart. “Gross Payroll” means all salary plus housing allowance and other miscellaneous earnings. The Benefit Plan's Life Insurance/AD&D coverage is a separate billed charge - see Benefit Plan information below.

Annual Gross Payroll Rate (% of Gross Payroll amount)
< $150,000 1.75% with minimum charge of $80/payroll
$150,000 – $299,999 1.50%
$300,000 – $449,999 1.25%
$450,000 – $749,999 1.10%
$750,000 and up CALL

One-time startup fee is $100.

FCMM Benefit Plan (Long Term Disability and Life/AD&D Insurance)

Long Term Disability premiums are included with the cost for Payroll Service for all eligible employees. The fees for the Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance premiums are at additional cost. One of the two Life and AD&D options must be chosen when enrolling with the LTD plan. To maximize the value of the benefit to staff, FCMM requires premiums for the Benefit Plan be paid through employee payroll deductions processed by the Payroll Service.

The Long Term Disability Insurance features 60% replacement of covered income, defined as salary plus housing allowance, “own occupation” definition of initial disability, a basic spousal benefit, and conversion option if employment ends.

The Term Life/AD&D insurance coverage options are either $10,000 or $50,000. The Life/AD&D coverage is guaranteed issue, with a cost $36 annually for $10,000 of coverage or $180 annually for $50,000 of coverage. For either volume there is a benefit age reduction to 65% of value at age 70, and to 50% at age 75.

All employees regularly working 25 hours per week or more may be enrolled in the Benefit Plan.