FCMM Account Access

Thank you for accessing your member account by way of the “Account Access” link on the FCMM website. Please continue to use this method rather than saving the address; at a future date, the link will change to a customized FCMM webpage.

Due to the necessary COVID-19 response of the EFCA National Office, FCMM is implementing a work-from-home plan for staff. We plan to maintain essential operations, processing incoming forms and deposits, and issuing distributions and payments. Phone communication will be limited and delays can be expected in responding to calls and voicemails. We encourage use of Client Services email as the means of primary communication: fcmm@fcmmbenefits.org for Retirement Plan matters; benefits@fcmmbenefits.org for Benefit Plan and Payroll Service matters.

Please note that access to your account information is handled through our vendor, Alerus. If you have any problems logging in, please contact Alerus at the phone number listed on the login page, (833) 325-3787. Recent security enhancements have led to additional identification requirements. You may be asked to provide your “hire date”, which is actually the date of your enrollment in the FCMM Retirement Plan. (If you have contributed to the Plan through multiple employers, this is the date you were enrolled through your first FCMM-participating employer.) Please contact FCMM at (800) 995-5357 if you need to confirm the date.

If you use "Create Account", either for first time login or if a previous login account is not working, you may need to select "Alerus Retirement and Benefits Hire Date" at the Verification screen.

Reminder: Contact Alerus only for account access concerns. Contact FCMM for all other matters concerning your retirement account.

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