Parameters of Payroll Service

To enable best cost, best practices, and efficient design, the FCMM Payroll Service is offered within the following parameters.

  • Bi-weekly (26 payroll periods per year) or semi-monthly (24 payroll periods per year) payrolls are available. Federal, state and local income tax remittance and reporting included.
  • Payroll Service includes the FCMM Benefit Plan and cannot be purchased separately.
  • The Benefit Plan's LTD coverage is administered as employee payroll deduction with “Tax Choice” provision. This means the employer adds the LTD Plan premium ($.008 annual rate times covered salary) to the gross pay of each employee who is eligible (25 hours/week; no excluded classes), then deducts the amount through payroll deduction. The net cost to the employee is the small tax on the premium. The benefit is that a disability claim will be paid as nontaxable income.
  • Payroll information-sharing authorization is required so that FCMM can administer the benefits programs effectively.
  • Execution of all required documents, including Benefit Plan adoption, enrollment of participants, and other necessary forms.