Retirement Plan Investment Options

Whether a member prefers to rely on investment via FCMM-provided funds), to self-manage through mutual funds, or some combination, the Retirement Plan offers a wide selection of options.

Investment choices are made via Form 03 Investment Selection (and optional Salary Deferral). Changes in choices among the Options (C,D,E,F,G,H,J) are also made with Form 03. Changes within mutual fund Options (i.e. within Option F, or G, or J) are made via online access.

FCMM-Provided Funds - Options C, D, E

Three custom collective funds have been developed by FCMM: Options C, D, and E. The invested assets are pooled and managed according to fund objectives by investment advisers under the direction of the FCMM trustees. Each participating investor has a proportionate share of the fund, which value is calculated monthly. Investments are screened to substantially eliminate holdings profiting from moral issues of abortion, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, casino gambling, anti-family entertainment, and alternative lifestyles.




This collective investment fund aims to provide steady long-term earnings to the participant. Using a balanced investment approach, Option C is designed to be less volatile and smooth out market returns for more stable earnings rates over time.

An additional, unique feature of this fund is that it provides a reliable accrued value that can be fully converted to a monthly income benefit (“in-plan annuity”) when the participant is eligible. Alternatively, when taken as a cash value for other reasons (such as transfer to other investments or cash distributions), a fair market value (FMV) adjustment will be applied if the accrued valuation is greater than current market value.

Because of the long-term strategy of this fund it is not recommended for those who want to actively manage or move around their investments. Option C is meant to be used as a “buy and hold” strategy and should be exercised for a long-term investment horizon. However, a member may transfer assets from Option C to other Option(s) at any time. Such a transfer may be requested no more often than once in a 12-month period.

The current earnings rate for Investments in Option C is stated on the homepage of this website and also in annual Form 40 Performance Reports. The rate is determined, generally annually, by the Board of Trustees of FCMM. The rate can be adjusted whenever deemed appropriate by the Trustees and can be negative in a major downturn. The Performance Report describes the fund's portfolio and recent earnings rates.

Participants preferring long-term stability and minimal attention to investment decisions will find Option C Lifetime Fund suitable for all, or a substantial portion of, their Retirement Plan assets.

See for more information about Option C.

FCMM-PROVIDED: FCMM Managed Stock Fund


This fund comprises a stock portfolio managed by investment advisors selected and overseen by the Trustees of FCMM. It is generally more aggressive in approach than the Lifetime Fund (Option C). It offers the potential of a greater average return throughout the years, while also carrying a greater risk factor for loss for the participant, making it more volatile in moving with market trends. For the participant who likes some portion of investments to "ride" with the stock market, this fund can provide the benefit without requiring specific equity investment decisions.

FCMM-PROVIDED: FCMM Managed Bond/Income Fund


This fund invests in a broadly diversified bond and income-producing portfolio including short, intermediate, and long-term municipal, federal, foreign, and high-quality corporate bonds. It is managed by investment advisors selected and monitored by the Trustees of FCMM.

Option E can gain or lose value depending on the economic climate. Bond funds are subject to interest-rate risk, which means that bond rates move in the opposite direction of interest rates. When interest rates rise, the price of existing bonds and bond fund shares generally will decline. Conversely, when interest rates fall, the price of bonds and bond fund shares generally will rise. For the participant who would like some portion of investments to track with the bond market, this fund provides the benefit without requiring specific bond or bond-fund investment decisions.

MUTUAL FUNDS: Self-Selected Mutual Funds

F, G & J

These Options allows a participant to self-direct employer and employee contributions to mutual fund choices managed by American Funds (Option F), Vanguard Funds (Option G), and/or Biblically Responsible Funds including Timothy Plan and GuideStone (Option J). Those who invest in mutual funds through FCMM pay no up front load fees.

Most asset classes of investments are availble through the mutual fund families, including target-date funds. (Target-date funds are managed for a diminishing level of risk as the retirement target date approaches.)

Investors in American Funds and/or Biblically Responsible Funds may obtain objective financial counsel from FCMM's advisory service. The Vanguard Funds option is designed for the advanced investor who makes his or her own investment decisions or who works with a professional adviser. American Funds and Vanguard Funds are not screened for moral issues. The Timothy Plan and GuideStone funds are highly respected leaders in the Biblically-Responsible Investing arena.

Download selection forms (Form 04, 05, or 07) for the respective mutual fund Options to review the specific funds available.

For prospectus and detailed information, see American Funds, Vanguard Funds, Timothy Plan Funds, or GuideStone Funds.

FCMM-PROVIDED: Adjustable Rate Investment


This option allows participants to invest in an adjustable interest rate Investment Certificate with Christian Investors Financial (CIF). The rate can be adjusted by CIF the first of any month.

CIF is the EFCA-affiliated provider of ministry capital financing, capital campaign coaching, and church consultation. In addition to earning a competitive rate of interest and providing for capital preservation, a participant's investment helps expand EFCA ministries.

CIF pays administrative fees to FCMM, so there are no fees paid by the participant on funds invested in this option. Prospective investors should refer to CIF’s current Offering Circular for risk factors and other information needed to make an informed investment decision. Current interest rate information ["403(b)(9) rate"] is available at At that page, select the state in which you reside, click Next Step, then click Download Resource for the Interest Rate Sheet.

Ministers and missionaries are eligible for the “housing allowance” designation of retirement benefits distributed from any of FCMM's investment selections.