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Steps to Access Statements Online

Date: March 1, 2019

Here are the steps to view online quarterly statements. Please click on the Account Access link that appears at the top line of FCMM's website.

Log in to your account and select the first FCMM Option listed on the myFCMM:Home page. (The fund Options appear by alphabetic letter, such as FCMM Managed Funds - Options C-E,H; FCMM American Funds - Option F, etc.) Click on the file folder icon ("My Documents") at the right side of the top line on the page. When you select Statements as Document Type and click GO, you'll see your list of downloadable statements. Also, please note the date range may need to be adjusted to cover the statement periods you wish to view.

Statements will appear only in the My Documents section of the first Option choice listed.

Please take the opportunity each quarter to also view or download the current issue of FCMM "News & Notes".

All participants have access to online quarterly statements. Mailed statements can be discontinued by clicking the "My Profile" icon and choosing "Online Statements Only".