Ken Long

Grace Fellowship Church
Newport, KY

“With FCMM, we know we’re being good stewards of the resources of our people, and in meeting the laws of our country.”

In the city of Newport, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, one church is taking an unconventional approach to gathering. While Grace Fellowship Church’s main campus is about 12 miles away in Florence, a group meets in a movie theater in Newport, in an area along the river that’s undergoing urban renewal. There, they watch a screening of the message and welcome the diverse people who live nearby.

Similarly, pastor Ken Long knew a one-size-fits-all retirement plan wouldn’t suit the people working behind the scenes at Grace Fellowship. “Some are young, some are old,” he says. “Some have retirement resources, some don’t yet.” Still others want help from a financial advisor, while some want to simply, faithfully, feed money into a fund and watch it grow.

Before switching to FCMM, Grace Fellowship invested with a well-known national firm, yet the options were narrow and the support was minimal. While it was FCMM’s flexible investing options that first attracted the church, the patience the staff showed during the transfer process demonstrated their level of support.

The process, which essentially involved moving a million dollars around, was neither fast nor simple, Long says. But FCMM “never gave up on him.” He adds, “I had a lot of questions, and they answered all of them.”

Today, many of the Grace Fellowship staff take advantage of FCMM’s Self-Selected Mutual Fund option, in which an individual can self-direct dollars toward funds managed by top-notch firms like American, Vanguard, and Timothy Plan (a biblically responsible investor). Through this option, employees can also seek the counsel of an advisor with Alliance Benefit Group, an FCMM partner for access to mutual funds.

The church also decided to turn to FCMM for its Long Term Disability coverage, to be able to continue a portion of an employee’s salary in the event of a disability. “There is peace of mind knowing that, should someone on our staff need it, we’ll be able to provide adequate funds for their daily necessities.”

Naturally, Long continues to have questions, mostly regarding how to stay in good standing as a nonprofit church in the midst of ever-changing laws. FCMM helps simplify and solve these issues. “With FCMM, we know we’re being good stewards,” he says; “good stewards of the resources of our people and in meeting the laws of our country.”

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