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Updating Personal Information

Date: June 21, 2021

To ensure your requested transactions and various account communications are timely, and to assist with keeping your FCMM account secure, it is critical that FCMM has an accurate record of your personal information. Changes to your name, marital status, contact information (i.e. address, phone, email), employer, as well as clergy status, should be reported to FCMM within 10 days.

FCMM does not request or accept changes to personal identifying information via email. For your security, we require our Members to contact FCMM Client Services directly via phone to verify identity prior to making changes. Some updates to personal identifying information require additional verification which will be communicated to you after authentication of your identity. Members are unable to update this information through their FCMM online account at this time.

Please note, even if you have notified the EFCA of changes, you must contact FCMM separately. To report a change in your personal information, please contact FCMM Client Services at 800-995-5357.

Be sure to keep your personal information up to date with FCMM.