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Video workshops on Minister Tax and Finance

Date: January 1, 2020

Two similar recorded workshops are available on the topics of minister pay and tax matters.

Clergy_Tax_Finance_Intro-2016-narrated-Mix from FCMM on Vimeo.


A narrated presentation on Minister Tax and Finance by Jerry Rich, from 2016. One hour in length. Download color slides or notetaking guide at the links below.


TheFirstYear-ClergyTaxStatus-2021 from FCMM on Vimeo.


A recorded Zoom workshop with Trinity Evangelical Divinity School students, from 2021: "The First Year: How to Structure a Church Pay Package and Become (Clergy) Tax Savvy". Download slides at the link below.

In most cases, your church leaders are looking to the pastor to be the most knowledgeable party on clergy status and benefits. There is no substitute for learning the basics.